Pittsfield Massachusetts

Pittsfield Massachusetts


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House of Arthur Jason Sturgis b. July 10 1881 and Lillian Mae Benedict Sturgis b. Apr. 19, 1880

P005 Olin P006
House of Olin T. Benedict b.1851

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133 Benedict Rd, House of Arthur M. Benedict Sr., b. July 21, 1854

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31 Wendell, Olin lived here after he retired



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House of Oren Chilson Benedict Corner of Benedict and Tyler (Old Farm House)

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Summer House of Arthur Jason Sturgis b. July 10 1881 and Lillian Mae Benedict Sturgis b. Apr. 19, 1880 (House on top of hill stands where their house was)

P022 P023 Pontoosuc Lake P024 Pontoosuc Lake P025 Pontoosuc Lake
Pontoosuc Lake

P026 Pontoosuc Lake P027 Pontoosuc Lake P029 Waterfall P030A P030 P031 P032P033P034 P035 P036 P037 P038 P039
Cemetery Plot plan
Cemetery Map


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Uncle George Sturgis, Uncle Fred Sturgis and Aunt Anna Sturgis lived here, none of them were married. Uncle Fred took care of the cemetery behind the houses across the street. I bet you will find all the Sturgis’ buried here, including Aunt Mae, maybe even Arthur and his wife. Uncle George was retired from General Electric. Aunt Anna was Lanesboro’s librarian. They had chicken coops in the back where I liked to go to collect the eggs. Notice what looks like an extension on the house in the fore ground. This is the way most old New England houses were built. It housed a big wood stove for cooking and the wood for the stove. They moved the stove out of the house so it wouldn’t heat up the house in the summer time.
The house you see over the roof in the background is where Aunt Mae’s house use to be. We have pictures of this house which I’ll have to dig up. GRB



Here’s a character I remember from when I was a kid.
When we were renting a cottage in Lanesboro, MA he would stop by in his Model T truck to sell things to us.
I think he has his truck parked alongside of “Balanced Rock”. GRB





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