John Benedict (2)
Birth:-----1649 at Southold, L. I
Father:--- Thomas Benedict (1)
Mother:-- Mary BRIDGUM

Spouse:--- Phoebe Gregory of Norwalk
Father:---- John Gregory of Norwalk
Mother:--- Sarah Gregory of Norwalk
Married:--- Nov. 11, 1670

 SARAH. PHOEBE, b. Sept. 21, 1673. 
 JOHN, b. March 3, 1676, Norwalk, Ct. 
 JONATHAN (no des. given in the old Ms.). 
 BENJAMIN, b. 1678. 
 JAMES, b. Jan. 5, 1685.  MARY, or MERCY. 
 THOMAS, b. 1682. 

JOHN2 (Thomas1), born at Southold, L. I., removed with the family to Norwalk and married Phoebe, daughter of John and Sarah Gregory(*) of that town, Nov. 11, 1670.(+) He was a freeman of Norwalk in 1680, and succeeded his father as selectman in 1689. He was a selectman in 1692-94 and '99; and also held some minor civil appointments in the town. He was occupied, however, mainly, with church affairs, having become Deacon, probably, upon the death of his father. Thenceforth the records show him to have been constantly on committees having charge of the religious and educational interests of the community, now "obtaining a minister," then, "hyering a schoolmaster." In 1705 the church honored him by voting him a sitting "in ye seat before ye pulpit." He served as representative in the General Assembly in the sessions of 1722 and 1725. The date of his death is not to be ascertained, nor is that of his wife. The volume of probate records, which probably covered the time within which they died, unfortunately, is missing. He conveyed property to his sons James and Joseph of Ridgefield, in 1722 and 1723; and that he was living in 1727, is thought to be certain, because his son is then referred to as Deacon John Benedict Junior. (See Hall, pp. 83, 88, 93, 100, 102; and Town Records, Norwalk, Ct.)

(*) Adam1 Gregorie= * * * fil. et cohaer Adae Ormeston, co. Lancas; Will.2 Gregory=Doro. fil. * * * Parre de Kempenhaugh, in com. Lancas; Hugo3 Gregory=Maria* * *; Thom.4 Gregory=Doro. Beeston, de Overbroughton, com. Nott. (on borders of Leicestershire, north of Frisby and Asorby); John5 Gregory=Alicia* * * de Broughton Sulney; Henry6 de Boston in Nova Anglia.

Henry6 Gregory, of Boston, N. E., whom we find mentioned in the foregoing pedigree, was at Springfield 1639, and removed in a few years to Stratford, Ct. Savage says that he probably died soon after, as a distribution of his estate was ordered 19 June, 1665, his eldest son John being appointed administrator, and to receive double portion, and that no other children are mentioned; though perhaps Judah Gregory of Springfield, who m. 1643, Sarah, dau. of Henry Burt, was another son. John Gregory, of New Haven, and afterwards of Norwalk, Ct., was possibly the administrator above referred to; he had Joseph, bapt. 26 July, 1646; Thomas, 19 March, 1648; his other children and their issue are mentioned by Savage, and by Hall in his history of Norwalk; of his daus. [Phoebe and Sarah], m. into the family of Thomas Benedict, of Southold, L. I., and afterwards of Norwalk, who came out at the age of 22 about 1639, and was said to be the only son of Wm. Benedict of Nottinghamshire. N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. XXIII, pp. 304-7.

Thomas Benedict was a witness to will of John Gregory of Norwalk, Ct., made Aug. 15, 1689. He bequeathed his estate to his wife Sarah. John and James Benedict (sons of Thomas) are mentioned as sons-in-law. Sarah also, in an instrument, dated Oct. 9, 1689, so names them. Prob. Rec. (Fairfield), vol. 3.

(+) Bought in 1678, home lot upon Dry Hill, 4 acres. Hall, p. 28

By: Lawrence Benedict
aka Larry Benedict

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